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The vision and goal for LilyRow is to create truly one of a kind wearable art. No piece we create will be identical to another simply because we source a lot of our own raw materials, fabricate the components by hand, then create the design one piece at a time. Just as there are no duplicates in nature, no two pieces of LilyRow jewelry will be the same.

We are a family business, meaning we collect the rough stones together as a family, cut and shape our materials collectively, make suggestions, critiques, and find inspiration in each other. Our combined passion for rock-hounding and jewelry making has lead us to the point where we are making truly "ground to table" jewelry. My husband and I have the two best cheerleader/helpers in our daughters, and we are blessed to be able to share experiences with them as we travel around the country hunting for natural wonders that we can in turn share with you. 

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